Detailed, quality home painting

My painting experience goes back to the oil days, when you needed to know what a pot holder or a brush holder was. I’ve worked closely with oil paints, and I know what you need to do to paint over them with today’s acrylics.

You’d be surprised at how many painters neglect the basics of preparation, which is so important when covering oils. Careful, thorough sanding and proper priming are key. And if the underlying plaster or drywall should be repaired before you even get started, then by all means repair it. (Fortunately, I also have extensive experience with repairing old plaster so it looks like new.)

Painted Edwardian sitting room

Then I take the time to do it right.

Way back, the two fellows that taught me painting swore by Benjamin Moore products, and I continue to use their paints to this day. Their Aura is top-of-the-line, with beautiful eggshells or satins for your trim, high quality pearls, and ceiling paint that’s always been bang-on.