Plaster wall repair and ceiling restoration

Old, original plaster brings your home a beauty and patina you don’t get from ordinary drywall. And it’s worth some effort to preserve it. When preparing for painting and wallpapering, it’s also important to make sure some hidden flaw won’t ruin all that hard work a year or two down the road. Repairing and restoring plaster is an essential skill for painting and decorating jobs, and it’s a dying art.

I’ve been doing it since I started out back in the 1980s. I can make your plaster cracks, bulges, and gouges disappear with the proper application of materials and the know-how to finish it far beyond the actual crack. I use a special mesh, hard drying Sheetrock, and finishing compound.

I call it building a wall.

And if you have the old “popcorn” ceilings that marred many a house in Owen Sound and area when it became a popular way to “hide” flaws, fear not. I’ll repair any areas that might be loose or cracked, and skim the entire surface with a smooth coat of drywall compound.