Whether you’re buying pre-pasted wallpaper or traditional wall coverings, it’s a major investment in your home.

Classic-style wallpaper professionally applied in older home

One year, back in the day, I applied paste to traditional, unpasted wallpaper all day, every day. The old fellow I was working with at the time in Owen Sound knew that this experience was important to proper wallpaper hanging. Then one day, he said, “Okay, today I’m pasting and you’re hanging.” And days and weeks of hanging ingrained that skill. I also worked 15 years alongside Gabrielle Phillips, a well-known decorator here in Owen Sound, much of that time spent hanging wallpaper – before it fell a little out of fashion for awhile.

Now that wallpaper is making a comeback, you won’t easily find people with the skills and experience to do the job right.

Wallpaper hanging’s an art. I once did a job in Bognor for a Thornbury contractor that involved a small bathroom and two rolls of complex, artistic wallpaper that need to be oh-so carefully matched – and cost $2500 each! A smart man might’ve turned down the job, but I knew I could do it right, and the bathroom turned out beautifully.